Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Meet Delilah ADOPTED!

delilah 3

Meet Delilah! This sweet doll is about 40lbs, and 7 months of age. She will continue to grow, but is not expected to be a very large dog. She will be spayed on July 21st.

Her breed mix is quite the mystery! Everyone we ask has a different idea, from Leonberger, Shepherd (German/Belgian), Spaniel, Setter, Border Collie, Aussie, Sheltie, Golden... Wookie? :-). Your guess is as good as ours. She has gorgeous red colours in her soft coat, great feathering, and very unique wispy white hairs. Simply adorable!

Delilah is as sweet as she is pretty. She is easy going and affectionate, and she is her foster mom's loyal little shadow! She is also a shy girl, having likely not been exposed to many new things over the course of her life (up until now!). The great thing with Delilah is that she gets over he fears quickly -- the first time she heard the coffee grinder, she flew to the other side of the house. By the second or third time, her ears just perked up, then she went back to sleep. Still, she will benefit hugely from confidence building, socialization and a dedicated and patient owner to help her along. Delilah doesn't want to be a wallflower for the rest of her life! Even when she is feeling unsure, her reaction is never one of aggression.

delilah 1

Delilah is happily sharing her home with another dog (large male), and we suspect she will do well with cats, as she ignores them on walks. However, we would have to introduce her to your kitties for a home with feline friends, to be sure. We are not seeing any behaviours that would concern us with children over approx 6, but she is not currently living with kids.

Delilah is obedient and calm (for a puppy!). She is medium energy at present, but as a puppy, her energy levels may fluctuate. She would love to do a basic obedience class, to show you how smart her is. She is picking up on basic cues very quickly. She does not have any housetraining accidents in her foster home, but at her age, will continue to need supervision.

She was not crate training prior to her arrival in rescue, and is quite nervous about her crate (she will stress drool excessively). She couldn't be crated for a full work day at this point, and alternative arrangement would be required until she can be properly crate trained (ie. learn that her crate is a safe place, not a stressful place).

Delilah loves toys! Her idea of pure happiness is laying on her big soft dog bed, with a big pile of toys, with her humans close by. She is still teething, but she does a reasonably good job of selecting appropriate chew items (eg. she is not chewing furniture or shoes, etc), but supervision is required. I have seen her prance off with a sock, and one under garment has already suffered a sad fate!

She is fine with all handling, and genuinely enjoys a good snuggle or a belly rub.

Delilah is up to date on her vaccines and will be spayed and microchipped prior to adoption.

delilah 2

To apply to adopt Delilah, please complete the adoption application form. For more information on Delilah or any of our other dogs available for adoption, please contact catahoulaontario@gmail.com

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