Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Meet Ariya ADOPTED!


This sweet girl is Ariya. She is believed to be a Labrador/Catahoula Leopard Dog mix, which gives her such a striking appearance. She is said to be 8 years young – but don’t let her age fool you! Ariya is full of life and energy. She weighs approx. 60 pounds.

Ariya has a wonderful personality and is eager to please. She loves to be close to her family and loves to get attention. After you’re done petting her, she will try to get some more love out of you by softly and gently pushing her head into your hands. She’s a quick learner and will do anything with positive reinforcement and when a treat is involved.

This girl loves both people and animals alike. She currently lives with a big foster brother and a cat. She does well with any dog she meets and loves to be around children. She’s a very gentle girl who wants to be loved by anyone she meets, doesn’t matter if they are 2-legged or 4-pawed.


Ariya loves to go for walks and is excellent on the leash. She has good recall when at the dog park and loves to chase after balls. She brings back the balls diligently, and now we’re working on getting her to give back the ball. We tried ‘drop it’, but she seems to think this means ‘drop dead’ and she goes to lie on her side. Such a silly lady!

When she’s outside in the garden, Ariya will let you know if there are any visitors coming. However, she doesn’t do this when she’s inside the house.

Ariya will be a great addition to the any family!

Ariya is spayed, up to date on her vaccines, heartworm tested (negative), and on heartworm preventative. She’ll be microchipped prior to adoption.


To apply to adopt Ariya, please complete the adoption application form. For more information on Ariya or any of our other dogs available for adoption, please contact catahoulaontario@gmail.com

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