Monday, April 07, 2014

Meet Lotus ADOPTED!

lotus 3

Lotus is a happy 4 year old Shi Tzu mix who loves to cuddle and wants all your attention. She likes to chase and catch her small Kong toy, likes to chew her nylabone and will pick up and carry whatever is handy when she’s happy you are home.

Lotus is crated during the day and doesn’t soil her crate. She had some challenges when she first came to foster, but they are all behind her. She has been given a clean bill of health and hasn’t had any accidents in the house in over a week. She just needs you to recognize that her excited attention seeking is probably because she needs to go outside.

Lotus lives with her foster’s two other big dogs. She tries to be bossy with them, but is learning that her forward style is not always welcome. She showed moderate respectful interest when meeting a neighbourhood cat. She approached and sat when the cat seemed stressed, and we easily moved on after a moment. She may do well with a dog-friendly cat and proper introductions.

lotus 1

She wants to meet every person and dog she sees on her walks and shows no fear of any of them. She does a very excited vocal “purring”f you restrain her. Lotus’s recall is not as strong as her adventurous nature, so off-leash play should be in a secure fenced area.

She has settled into the routines in her foster home, she eats her food with gusto and is very food motivated. She knows sit and lie down and will take a little treat gently if you help her to focus by sitting first. She does want all the food, so leaving any food unattended is not wise.

She will bark when someone comes to the door and when first crated, but otherwise she is a quiet little dog that would do well in a home that can provide her with guidance around food and lots of love.

Lotus is spayed, up to date on her vaccinations, and microchipped.

lotus 2

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