Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Meet Ranger ADOPTED!

Ranger 1 Hi there - I'm Ranger!  I'm a about 6 months old and my foster parents think I am a Beauceron/German Shepherd mix. They say it doesn't really matter what I am because I'm just an all round fun loving, cuddle bug. (But, just between you and me, they think I'll be a big boy when I grow up.) My foster mom's always saying I'm such a handsome young man, with such lovely markings, perky ears, and gentle eyes.
So, what can I tell you about me? Oh, ok, you want to know how I get along with other dogs and cats? Great!  Yup, I live with 3 other dogs and 2 cats right now. I am always playing with my big sis (a Catahoula). We play tug-o-war, and Frisbee (she's teaching me to catch), and catch me catch me (I like that best). I am very respectful of my oldest brother and sister and know how to give them space when they ask for it too. Me and the cats are learning how to get along with each other – I want to play with them, but they're not so sure about me, so mostly we just ignore each other.
I don't need to be the center of attention. Sometimes, I just like to lie quietly at mom's feet while she's busy on the computer. I just snuggle up and take a nap. When mom and dad go out, they put me in my crate – I  don't really like it and I complain for the first few minutes, but then I just settle down and go to sleep. I love love love going for rides in the car!  OMG it's so much fun and my foster parents say I'm such an angel in the car too – I like it so much I just settle right down and enjoy!

I go to doggy daycare once a week where I get to meet new dogs and I just love it! They told my foster mom and dad that I play nicely and get along well with others too.  I'm pretty much house trained, but yeah I have had  accidents now and then, I'm still learning how to tell mom and dad that it's time for me to go out. Oh yeah, I think I like water! I have this cool splash pool in my yard that I put my toys in and splash around in to stay cool when it's hot out.

Ranger 2
My mom and dad are pretty impressed that I know my name and come when they call me too! I can sit and I know down, we're working on stay and my manners. I am up to date on all my shots, and I've been neutered too. I've got a microchip too so if I ever get lost I can be easily found again (I like that!).

All in all, I guess I'm just a happy little guy. I'm still learning, but I do learn quickly. I'm a good cuddler and am willing to take a chance on you if you're willing to take a chance on me.


Ranger 3
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