Thursday, May 02, 2013

Meet Loki ADOPTED!

Loki 2 Loki is a 7 to 11 month old Catahoula X (possibly mixed with a spitz breed and/or terrier breed). She's about 35lbs, and will get a bit bigger, but will probably not be larger than 50 lbs.

Loki loves belly rubs more then anything else in the world. It is her greatest reward!  

Loki's foster mom chose the name Loki before meeting her (Loki is the Norse God of Mischief).... truth be told, she is really not that mischievous at all. She is fully housetrained and has great manners. She is not a chewer, not destructive, and does very well in her crate. She is overall a medium energy dog -- she can keep up at the park, but does relax easily (sometimes will lay down for a rest at the park). She is very responsive to training, and could learn just about anything you take the time to teach her. So far, she knows "sit", "down", "roll over" and "stay", and she will walk well with on leash (not pulling) as long as you keep up her training and reinforcement (she just learned and will have it mastered soon).

Loki loves dog parks and so far has good recall in off leash parks and on hikes. She is excellent with other dogs (big and small), and can play with any dog. She has played with mini-breeds and Danes. She has not yet met a cat since arriving in foster care, except in pet stores, where she did very well. She would have to be cat tested for applications with cats.

Loki has no issues around food or toys, and will easily relinquish whatever she has for her foster family.

Loki is such a unique dog, in looks and personality. She is really quite the clown. Sometimes she tries to roll over for a belly rub, and accidentally rolls down a hill or into the water.  She's a fun, sweet girl to have around -- the kind of dog you could take anywhere with you. She would love visits to pet stores, dog parks, camping trips, hikes, car rides, family visits and anything else you can think of. 

Loki 5

The one thing that her foster family would like to see worked on is that she is protective, particularly of her foster mom (not so much of her foster dad). She barks outside when she hears/sees things (very much like a terrier, though we are working on this). She is a bit protective of her mom on walks too, and will bark at someone if she doesn't like the look of them, usually men. She ADORES anyone that comes to the house, though, and anyone she has a chance to meet (men and women). An owner on the more confident side would be best for this reason, although she is completely compliant in all other regards.

Loki 6

Loki is spayed, up to date on her vaccinations, and will be microchipped prior to adoption. 

To apply to adopt Loki, please complete the adoption application form. For more information on Loki or any of our other dogs available for adoption, please contact

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