Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Meet Henry ADOPTED!

*Henry is currently adoptable to Ottawa area homes only because he will require his last round of vaccines and his neuter surgery at our vet (at our cost). He has been microchipped*


Bonjour, I'm Henry, the international dog of love. I also go by Henri or Enrique or Heinrich, depending on my mood. I'm a 4-5 month old chubby bundle of fur – good thing too, it's cold out there! But I don't mind it too much. I'm probably a Shepherd/Husky mix, so I'm pretty well equipped for cold Canadian winters.

I came from the pound in Plantagenet, and I don't really remember anything from before that. But that's OK, because my life now is pretty awesome! I have a warm home and three meals a day (plus treats!) and there are four other doggie brothers and sisters to play with. Which is great, because they're helping me learn how to be a good member of the pack. I love food and will do anything for a treat. Well, so far “anything” is Sit and Come, but I'm just starting out – I'm sure I'll be able to do all the things you want to teach me, 'cause I'm pretty smart. I've just about got the hang of doing my business outside. I still have an accident in the house now and then, but I'm a puppy and that's what we do :-)

henry eating twig

On New Year's Day, my foster mom and dad brought me to a party, and my foster mom said I was a superstar. I met lots of new people, and they all picked me up and gave me hugs – I really liked that! Somebody even tried to kidnap me, but I didn't fit under her coat. I made a new doggie friend, and I met a cat who I thought was kind of boring, and I went to a barn and saw horses and donkeys. They kinda freaked me out a bit because they were WAY bigger than me and they smelled funny. But I was as brave as I could be and walked over to see them with my foster mom. I didn't get too close because I was feeling a bit shy, but if I have another chance to meet them, I think I would be braver.

henry playing

I like playing outside in the snow and chewing on my toys, and sometimes I like to just run and jump around for no reason. Well, other than because it's fun! I don't spend too much time in my crate, but it's not a bad place to be and sometimes I go into it just because I feel like it. I'm pretty quiet, and only bark when there's a reason to. Like when everyone else barks – I don't want to be left out! I usually stick close to my foster mom and dad – I'll lie at their feet when they're watching TV, or on the kitchen floor when they're cooking. They also let me sleep on the sofa if I feel like it. Yep, I'm spoiled!

So that's a bit about me. Now it's your turn – tell me a bit about you, and maybe it'll turn out that we were made for each other!



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