Monday, October 21, 2013

Meet Linus ADOPTED!

axl sitting

Hello friend, my Mom calls my Linus because I love to carry my blankie around in my mouth. She says I give the best snuggles in the house. That says a lot, there are 4 dogs currently in my pack. I am not the Alpha and that's okay by me, I like to listen because then Mom tells me I’m a good boy and gives my extra kisses on my nose.

I play really nicely with the two-legged puppies here and Mom lets me sleep with the girl puppy – she’s the one with the little chewies all over her floor. But, I never touch her chewies, that would be rude. Okay, maybe sometimes I bring them to Mom as a present but I never chew them, I like the kisses on my nose too much.

At night, Mom lets me watch TV on her bed. I love the bright lights and the sounds the TV makes. I snuggle really close to her head and give good hugs so she lets me stay. Mom says I have boney elbows so I try and not stick them too far into her chest, I just don’t want to share her all the time.

Dad is a cool dude and I like to follow him around. He’s always doing something and sometimes he lets me watch. I like to watch Dad so I sit really quietly and still so he doesn’t trip over me, but I always move carefully when I’m in the way.

Mom likes to be in the kitchen and shares little treats while she cooks. That’s my favourite time of the day. She has a really cooshy mat right under her feet, I like to lie quietly there and wait for stuff that falls off the counter. I don’t jump up or things don’t fall down. Don’t tell Mom I figured that one out or she’ll stop dropping things.

axl standing

We live on a really busy road, I get to spend all day looking out the window and watching all the cars go by. We don’t do much walking on the busy road, instead we play as a pack in the backyard. When Mom and the two-legged puppies come home, the puppies come outside and throw the ball. That’s the best. I always bring it back and drop it nicely so they throw it again. The ball is my favourite toy. I’m really good at bringing it back.

I like to tell you stories and am getting much better at telling them with my inside voice. In my last houses I had to use my voice a lot because they couldn’t always hear my stories and my voice was very sore and broken when I came here. But it has healed so nicely and now it’s much stronger. Mom tells Dad I don’t use it so much anymore because I am so loved and they are great at knowing when I need to go play or when I am hungry. She’s so right – Dad says that Mom is always right.

Mom says she’s never sending a write-up to CRO because she says no one will be good enough for me, then Dad gave her a look. I don’t know what a write-up is, but Mom must think I’m something pretty great if a write-up means I have to go somewhere else. I really like it here with a family who loves me, lets me sleep on the bed and lets me play a lot. Mom says I’m a really good boy and she’s not quite sure why I’m still looking for a home. I fit so nice here, but 4 dogs in a house is a lot of dogs and Mom says I need a house with maybe only 1 other dog so I can get lots love and attention because I deserve it she says. If I can’t have Mom, Dad and the Puppies forever, maybe I can find another home that will love me like this. Do you think that you could love me this much?



Linus is a Black Lab and is about 20 months old. He’s neutered, up to date on vaccinations, heartworm tested (negative), and will be microchipped prior to adoption.

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