Thursday, May 09, 2013

Meet Lambo ADOPTED!

Allow me to introduce myself, the name’s Lambo, for Lamborghini. Just like the car, I have a lot of flash, a powerful engine, and in my company you will feel luxurious! I overheard mom on the phone the other day and she said my coat is soft like velvet. I wonder what velvet is or if is edible sounds kind of tasty!
I am just over a year old. I am up to date on all my shots, neutered, and weigh eighty pounds. Although I am considered a heavyweight in size, I have the most lighthearted disposition. I have a special disposition for children of ALL ages. I am often referred to as a gentle giant... not to be confused with the green giant on the can of peas!
Lambo 3I am a busy boy that loves to be both physically and mentally stimulated. You cannot keep a guy like me down. I always have a bounce in my step and love to feel the wind in my ears. Speaking of wind in my ears I love car rides! They are thrilling to me. Who needs a roller coaster, lets hop in the car! Maybe we could take the car to the dog park?
I know I am a dog, but there is definitely a part of me that is butterfly – Social Butterfly, that is! I get along great with dogs and these things the humans call cats. They are fun to chase, but I am respectful and when they stop running, I stop too. Then I am onto the next thing to keep me amused.
I have this one particularly silly antic that always makes mom giggle. When she goes for a shower, I always make my way in to check on her. At first she called me a Peeping Tom, but now she knows that I am Be On The Lookout Lambo. I have to make sure that when she goes behind the shower curtain she does not pull a Houdini and disappear on me! After that initial check, I just rest by the door. Mom calls me a cheeky monkey I really do not see the monkey in me maybe a few generations back on my mothers side?
I probably should mention a few manners that are paw-sitively wonderful. I am fully housetrained. I know sit, down, stay, paw, and my recall is quite proficient. I live to please my humans and want nothing more then to make you proud of me.
When I was a pup, my people abandoned me at the vet office. It hurt, but I make sure to keep my heart open so that when my fur-ever family walks into my life I will be there to welcome them with open paws. I know that there is a BIG master plan for my future. Even though I have my cheeky habits, I promise you this – I will ALWAYS try my best and do whatever it takes to show you I am devoted to you. Please give me a chance. Just remember, to the world you may be one person, but to me you would be my whole world.
With lots of sloppy kisses and a whole heaping bunch of love,
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