Thursday, May 16, 2013

Meet Gator ADOPTED!

Gator on patio

Hey there, my name is Gator. My foster mom calls me Gator Potator, and sometimes Potato Head. I’m pretty sure my head isn’t a potato, but whatever – I have a comfy place to sleep every night and I get fed breakfast and supper every day and I go on lots of walks and I get to play at the dog park and hang out with my four legged brother and sisters at home. So I’m not going to complain about being called a potato!

I don’t want to sound cocky or anything, but as you can see, I’m a pretty good looking guy. And just a bit on the clumsy side. I’m about 60 pounds of chocolaty brown & creamy white playfulness and fun and love. I’m house trained, and I know how to Sit and Lie down and Come and Give. Although sometimes I just don’t feel like cooperating, like when I’m busy rough-housing with another dog at the park. So you’ll need to be firm with me and not let me get away with being a butthead.

Potato head…. butthead…. but it’s a cute head, don’t you think?

gator head

I really like people, especially the ones that pat me and give me treats. Those are the BEST people! But I like other people too – big, small, short, tall, doesn’t matter at all. The only thing is that because I’m a bit on the rambunctious side, I might be a bit much for a small person. So even thought I like small people, I should probably live in a house with medium and tall people.

I met a cat once – I wasn’t that impressed. I just ignored him. Till he started wrestling with me – then I couldn’t resist the urge to wrestle back! But I played nice and didn’t take him down, even though I’m pretty sure I could have. When the wrestling was over, the cat went back to being not very interesting. I gave him a few sniffs, but that was about it.

gator playing

I meet lots of dogs at the dog park – they’re WAY more interesting than the cat! I want to run and play with all of them! Sometimes when I play, I get too enthusiastic and I look and sound like I might eat the other dog. I wouldn’t, honestly! But I do have this habit of using my mouth when I play (and sometimes when I take a treat too). And when I’m busy playing, I don’t want to stop. When I hear my foster mom and dad say “Gator, COME!”, I know I should listen to them, and sometimes I do – but other times I’m so excited to be playing, I just can’t stop. I guess I probably should learn better manners at the dog park. If you could help me out there, that would be great!

So to sum me up in a nutshell – I’m sweet, friendly, playful, loving, smart, and handsome (I know, I’m being cocky again!) I can also be pretty energetic and a bit on the stubborn side when I’m in play mode. But I really want to please you and make you proud of me, so if you promise to teach me how to behave nicely at the park, I promise to listen and work hard at being the most awesome dog ever!

gator on bed


Sending you lots of sloppy doggie kisses,

Gator Potator

P.S. I’ve been neutered (sad day that was!) and I’m up to date on all my vaccinations.

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