Saturday, March 16, 2013

Meet Miles ADOPTED!


Miles is an exuberant and affectionate young man (DOB ~ Oct’12) with bouncy puppy energy and ridiculously charming good looks. But don’t let his whirly toy-tossing goofiness fool you; this charmer loves nothing more than being in contact with the people he loves (which is pretty much everyone), sitting in laps, and giving lots and lots of kisses.

True to his age and history, Miles is still learning how to be the best little gentleman he can be, and will need a family to help him when his mouth is sore from teething, remind him that ALL of his paws belong on the floor, and that you just don’t get everything for free.

Miles is a very quick learner, enjoys mind benders and physical challenges, and is brave enough to conquer all that is asked of him. He is establishing a wonderful foundation of basic obedience, and will be a star pupil when his new family continues his education. Miles will excel at physical outdoor activities just as well as he will excel as a cuddle-buddy.

His reaction to felines is currently unknown; he is learning to tone-down his excitement with children, and doing well; and although he can play a little rough at times, enjoys the company of equally bouncy and playful canines. Miles enjoys the comfort and security of his crate, and is beginning to provide very deliberate cues to ask to go outside to do his business.

Miles will be receiving his last set of vaccine boosters shortly, and has been neutered.

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