Monday, March 04, 2013

Meet Bella ADOPTED!

I’m Bella! Everyone who meets me tells me I am a beautiful heartbreaker! I am a Belgian Shepherd mix I think, but I am not sure with what. Maybe a Weimeraner or Greyhound? I sure like to run and I have the most spectacular ears! I am a single girl, about 6 months old, looking my true LOVE - a family that will take me to dog parks, go for long walks, and give me lots of toys and bones to play with.

I like to chew things…anything…..and I am lightning fast! I try to counter surf if you are not looking. I just can’t resist chewy things so I need a family that will give me durable toys and puppy proof their house so that I don’t make them mad at me. I just can’t resist the urge! But I am sure I will grow out of it in time. My foster mommy is teaching me that I shouldn’t jump up on people and that puppy mouthing is a no no. I love my toys and share well with my furry foster brother…. though I do try to sneak his food sometimes. It is just so much more interesting than my own! So if I have new furry family members, I need someone to encourage me to eat my own food before I take it from others.  I like my food and treats, but if I am too scared or nervous treats will not entice me. When something startles me I need some gentle loving and reassurance. 

But don’t let this deter you! I am a wonderful, happy, and very playful, athletic girl. I love meeting new dogs and people and have played well with everyone I have met. I just love to PLAY PLAY PLAY! I play well with dogs of all sizes (my foster bro is a mini schnauzer and I lived with a Yorkie before him). I don’t know if I have met any cats, but I would be willing to try. On walks I will pull a bit on the leash to get to meet a new friend, but otherwise I mostly walk nicely. I do like to dart around a bit checking out all the new smells in this winter wonderland. I LOVE to play outside. I am not completely used to snow yet but I think I like it. It sure tastes good anyway! But not as good as sticks. I sure love sticks - even if they are still attached to their bushes/trees! 

I am house trained, crate trained, and I can sit (most of the time - if I am not too excited)! I would like to learn some new commands, so I would like it if my new family took me to school so I can learn. I bet I would be good at dog sports once I am a bit older and have learned to listen a bit better. I am a sweet girl that loves dogs and people and cuddling and kisses. I will lay all over you if you let me. I want a family to hug me and kiss me and love me.

Bella is spayed and up to date on her vaccinations.

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