Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Meet Chubby’s puppies ALL ADOPTED!

Andretti Chyn
Chubby (also up for adoption) was found as a stray and was brought to CRO shortly before giving birth to eight puppies on Jan 7th, 2013. Chubby is a lab mix (mostly lab with a touch of shepherd or other in her) and we do not know what the father is. The puppies are expected to be as big as mom (she is 50-60 pounds) when fully grown.
Derby Fluffy
The puppies have been socialized to dogs of all sizes and various people while in their foster home. They are sweet and adventurous, great puppies all around. Mom is a wonderful pup herself, very social and wants nothing more than to be by your side.
Hermione Spot Tux
To apply to adopt a puppy, please complete the adoption application form. For more information on the puppies, their mom Chubby, or any of our other dogs available for adoption, please contact