Sunday, February 03, 2013

Meet Baylee ADOPTED!

Baylee is a very sweet, 9 month old Aussie mix puppy.  She is currently 40lbs and will get a little bigger. She LOVES to cuddle, flopping over for belly rubs, and will try and climb right in your lap (she needs an adopter that will set some boundaries for her). She will paw you to try to get you to keep petting her if you stop. She wants to be near her foster mom all the time.

She has been great with every dog she has met (no aggression at all). If anything its the opposite. She is a bit timid at first but warms up eventually and wants to play.  She plays very well with her small breed foster-brother and is gentle with him and his size. in fact he ofter tires HER out and and she is ready for a lie down while he still wants to play.
Baylee is still very much a puppy, who would love to do training with you.  She is super food motivated and excitable.

She has not tried to take anything off the table or bookshelves or anything. She isn't destructive or overly curious unless there is food involved. She will stick her nose right in your pocket for treats if you let her! On walks she is easily startled by things, skaters, shovellers, cars (even parked ones), so she could use some confidence building and leash training.   She has been good about coming back when given a bit of freedom in the park. She comes back for treats.

If someone is looking for a cuddler and someone to follow them around all day, then Baylee is your girl. She is generally pretty quiet unless startled. Her bark sounds like a hound!

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